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BoxDrop Maple Grove, MN provides our customers with a large quantity of Mattress Types for you to choose from to find the perfect fit! Understanding which mattress type that is best for you may be difficult, so we have provided some of our top mattress types and the benefits of each one! Learn more about the Types of Mattress supplied by BoxDrop below and or call to schedule a personalized showroom appointment!  

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Innerspring & Economy Mattresses

   The most Common Mattress Type  

   Uses a metal wire system combined with springs

   Different topper types- pillow-top, plush, medium or luxury 

   Results in a sturdier and firmer bed with more cushion on top

   Fairly cheap in comparison to others

Pillow Top Mattresses

   Great Blend of Innerspring Coil Firmness with Memory Foam Softness

   May not last as long as full spring (depending on the level of pillow top)

   Great for supporting pain or injury with pressure point relief

   Varying Levels of pillow top support and comfort 

Foam & Memory Foam Mattresses

   Increased comfort and reduction in pressure on spine

   Long-term use shown to reduce chronic back and neck pain

   Fairly heavy in weight and has less air-flow (contains heat) 

   Softness/Hardness varies slightly in Climate

   Can last a long time if well-maintained

Hybrid Mattresses

   Great Blend of Coil Firmness with Foam Softness

   Better Spinal alignment and pressure point relief

   Takes advantage of airflow keeping the mattress cooler

   Great for back and side sleepers 

   May not last as long as full spring

Adjustable Beds & Mattresses

   Adjustable Settings for Optimal Sleeping Positions

   Variability between bed sides for partner use 

   Additional features (like heating and cooling) 

   They tend to be more expensive than regular mattresses

   Improved Independence for older-aged users

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See what our customers have to say about BoxDrop Maple Grove, MN! 

Kim Lee
Kim Lee
February 19, 2023
Very polite and easy to work with. Good quality mattresses.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith
February 16, 2023
Fast and efficient. When I asked what kind of mattress I would need for specific bed frames they knew exactly what I would need. I highly recommend checking them out.
Connor Longhenry
Connor Longhenry
January 22, 2023
This is my second mattress through Janet and Bob. Both are super personable and go out of their way to make sure you find what you like. As knowledgeable about the mattress market as one can be. They don’t push you to buy and encourage you to take your time. They have a ton of quality options, and all at prices much more reasonable than buying from the retailer.
Amanda Okan
Amanda Okan
January 7, 2023
Great service and pricing. Looking forward to using our new mattress. Would recommend and will go back in future.
Daniel LaFond
Daniel LaFond
December 5, 2022
Overall, the best buying experience I've ever had in my 50+ years of buying mattresses. The staff at Box Drop take the time to make sure you get the best mattress for your sleep needs. They are articulate and thorough when explaining all the differences in the available styles and options available. But here is the kicker, we got our mattress home, a very firm king size one, wouldn't you know something didn't seem quite right. Contacting and communicating with the staff was unbelievably fast and responsive. They explained a few things to do in order to get the mattress right. Well, something still wasn't quite as it should be. A quick video and some pictures were sent and assured the manufacturer would review the issue. One in 10,000 mattresses don't cure right. A replacement was readily available at no additional cost, and it is just perfect. Top notch service at its best.
Morgan Vogtlin
Morgan Vogtlin
November 26, 2022
Janet and Bob were incredible to work with. They didn’t pressure us into choosing something we didn’t like, answered all of our questions willingly, and made it so easy to find our mattress. They were also the only location in the area that had king sized mattresses available for instant taking. I will never buy a mattress anywhere else!
Emily Bronson
Emily Bronson
November 26, 2022
Super helpful and friendly place. They have a nice selection to choose from. So excited!
Sophia Evers
Sophia Evers
November 26, 2022
Wonderful customer service. Wasn't super busy and was helped pretty soon after walking in.
Spencer Erb
Spencer Erb
November 26, 2022
Great experience. Very personable and friendly. We purchased a king size mattress from them on black Friday. The couple that owns the store were awesome to talk with and made our first "bed buying" experience enjoyable and easy. Great prices too! Highly recommend.

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